When is it time to move mom or dad into a retirement home?

Important Steps To Take Before Moving Mom Or Dad Into A Senior Living Facility Or A Retirement Home

It can be a huge challenge to care for the elderly. If you’re considering moving your mom or dad into a senior living facility or a retirement home, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration before you make this move. Your parents took care of you and now it’s your turn to take care of them.

You’ll need to assess their insurance and how whether or not it will cover their expenses in a senior living facility or a retirement home. Many policies won’t cover retirement living or senior facilities so you’ll want to find out what will and won’t be covered prior to moving them.

assisted-livingExamine the various options and make sure that you’re getting the quality care that your parents will require. Not all facilities are created equal so ask around, call and interview, tour various assisted living facilities and ask a lot of questions.

Call the local ombudsman’s office and inquire from them as to whether or not there have been any complaints regarding the facilities that you’re considering. Weigh this information carefully with your decision.

Take an inventory of what they have as far as belongings go. You’ll want to ensure that when the end comes you know who to give what to in the family. While your parents are still able to discuss it with you. Talk to them about their belongings and memories and find out what they prefer when that time comes.

Talk your decisions over as a family and make sure that everyone is supportive. It can be very tragic when someone isn’t on board and causes issues in regards to getting them moved.

After making the family decision make the transition as smooth as possible. If the parents are reluctant perhaps take them for a few day visits prior to help them acclimate to the new surroundings. Remember, this isn’t going to be an easy time for them.

It’s only natural to want the very best care for your family as they age. If you can’t take care of yourself then you aren’t going to be able to care for your parents. Sometimes it’s necessary to move them to a senior living facility or retirement home against their wishes. Make this transition as painless as possible and encourage them to interact with others at the facility.

If you live in the Northwest we recommend Hawthorne Gardens – Assisted Living Community in Portland, Oregon. Here is their Facebook page.

Which of the latest and greatest diets is right for you?

Just about everyone out there has tried at least 1 or 2 different fad diets in their life. Most of the time you can lose a few pounds and soon enough will bounce back to your old habits and weight. It’s more important to have a change of dietary lifestyle rather than thinking of something as a temporary change. Sometimes it’s not the diet needless to say that does or doesn’t work, but it’s a little more about the commitment to the diet program. Naturally, some of the fad diets aren’t all of that balanced, and they are often hard to stick with. If you’re planning to diet successfully, you will need to check out the popular diets today that truly consider the right approach.

Of course, folks have their own personal opinions about the popular diets and whether they are perfect for you. One of the last diets some people would recommend would be the Atkins Diet, however i know better and recognize that it can be a great diet. It’s quicker to follow for starters, so that as you progress, you add in additional healthy carbs. What you’re doing gets your system to where it’s not accustomed to those unhealthy carbohydrates that men and women eat and drink in high numbers without realizing what they’re doing.
So if you’re planning to diet, the theory is usually to cook sensible food. However, not everyone has got the time to cook these days. That’s why these kinds of weight loss plans are popular for lots of people. You will find all kinds of programs that send complete meals to your home monthly. All you have to do is enjoy all of the great food and reap the benefits of pursuing the program.  The Ketogenic diet is also a fairly new diet trend that is similar to Atkins in the way it recommends a higher fat intake with lower carbs.  For more information visit soKeto – Keto Diet Articles.

Juicing diets are also popular currently. Needless to say, it doesn’t need to be all about juicing. Have you thought about those diets that include smoothie recipes for specific meals? You may also combine diets whenever it works out for you, according to the things you learn and how you love to diet.

Whatever diet you decide to go with, you have to observe your sugar intake, right? If you’re not thinking of getting as intent on carbs as being the Atkins Diet recommends, there is a similar yet more enjoyable diet which is very popular. It’ referred to as South Beach Diet, which still minimizes carbs to some degree, just not as much. It can be difficult to find out a diet just like the Atkins Diet immediately, but it’s actually quite simple to follow once you receive the hang from it.

It’s a very similar case with the South Beach Diet. Popular diet plans out additionally, there are great choices, like Weight Watchers. These programs are designed to assist you to approach a well-balanced diet less difficult. They have each of the tools and resources to assist you succeed. This is just one of the programs, and there are other programs on the market that may send meals right to your doorway.

One thing you don’t wish to accomplish is usually to forget that exercise is component of a successful diet. Even if you pick the Atkins Diet, that helps you lose fat quicker and without exercise, you have to realize the necessity of exercising daily. It’s among those things that you would like to make sure that you are doing since you know your body needs that on the top of following among the popular diets of today.

Make Your Website More Appealing to Visitors

Driving traffic to your website is just one of the obstacles you will have in your way while trying to build a successful blog or business. Once you have taken the necessary steps to market your website via both online and traditional marketing methods, you will need to put plenty of effort into making sure your site looks appealing. If the visitors are not impressed with what they are seeing, they will not stay on the page long or even come back to check out anything you post in the future.

Keeping a site looking fresh, vibrant and professional is important. It may seem like a lot of work, but there are lots of simple tips you can use to make sure your website looks as flawless as possible. While you are in the process of putting things together, do not forget to consider the quick tips below.

Stick With a Few Colors

One common mistake people make while building their website is using way too many colors. You may love to have a lot of bright colors in your face, but not everyone will feel the same way. If you have too much going on at once, it will take away from the content on your site. You can still choose bright and bold colors, but stick with about 2-4 different ones throughout the entire site.

Get a Matching Logo

After choosing the right colors, you will need to have a logo added to the site. In fact, you can use it as the banner for your main page. Even if you already have a logo created, it might not look right with the colors you have decided to use on the website. If that is the case, it is time to get a new one made by a graphic designer who can easily match the colors.

Avoid Small Fonts

If you use a small font, those who have vision problems may not see what you have written on your website. Although they can increase the font size by adjusting the settings on their laptop or computer, most people do not want to have to do the extra work just to read something. Make sure to choose an ideal font size. It should never be too small, but you should never choose a large font size either because then it will just look unprofessional to your visitors.

Make the Navigation Simple

When visitors have a hard time finding their way around, they will get frustrated. You want them to see the content you are posting, so make it easier for them to find by setting up a simple navigation system at the top or side of your website. Some people like to put the navigation system directly underneath the banner, making it easier for people to find and use when they want to browse around.

These four tips come in handy during the process of building a fantastic website. You want people to visit the site multiple times and even tell their friends about it, but you will have to make sure it looks neat and professional to get that kind of reaction from the visitors. Choosing a few good colors, having a nice logo created, using the right font size and including a simple navigation system will help you put together an appealing website.

Summer is Coming. Here are a Few Great Landscaping Tips

Summer is the season when everything is in bloom, from beautiful flowers to the tall grasses that provide both visual glory and allergic reactions. While this is certainly beautiful in a natural setting, maintaining such natural wonders in a landscaping sense can be difficult, even when the water flows freely and the weather is absolutely what your land needs to thrive. Landscaping tips for summer are generally focused heavily on how to deal with over abundant growth and out of control nature rather than what comes later in the landscaped-lawnyear. In the summer, plants bloom and the earth is warm, meaning that this is a season of abundance, which requires a special sort of mentality to keep it all looking sharp.

1. Trimming

Many things in your yard will need to be trimmed to make summer easier on your lawn and house alike. Tree limbs are of particular note for yards that have them. Dead hanging tree limbs tend to fall off most frequently during the summer amid rain and thunderstorms and tend not to care what they fall on, be it the air conditioning unit you need to keep cool or the car that gets you around. Trimming away these limbs can generally be done with ease with the right tools, and should not be put off once the rains start getting heavy.

In a similar vein, pruning plants near your air conditioning unit is a very smart idea, as the interference from a plant can easily damage an air conditioning system as a while, usually at the worst possible time. Additionally, because they will grow so freely, summer is usually the the time when bushes and shrubs need to be trimmed as they grow closer and closer to your home. This is because bushes and shrubs retain moisture that tends to invite termites. Finally, trimming back any vines near your home is always a good idea, no matter what the season.

2. Pest Control is Not Always Essential

Controlling insects and diseases is always difficult in late summer, and oftentimes expensive too. However, it is not one hundred percent necessary to go all in with insecticides. If you can identify the pests early on by watching your garden closely, you can do some research and get the right pest management products that have a minimal impact on the environment and the human health of the area. Using pesticides in late evening is generally the best time to do these jobs.

3. Don’t Mow Too Often

Cutting a lawn too often and too short can actually damage them. When the grass of a yard of grass is cut too often, it tends to stress out the root system of the grass, leading to brown spots and weed infestations. Overall, a home owner should not cut the lawns more than one third their original height if they want their lawns to look their best. If your grass is the kind that grows well in the cool seasons, raise this height to about half.

We hope these tips were helpful and help you with your summer landscaping work. If you live in the Vancouver, WA area of the Pacific Northwest like us, here are a few great options for companies to call if you have additional questions or need assistance:

Green Haven Inc.
10907 NE 117th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98662

Walsh & Company Landscape Maintenance
215 W 4th St #203
Vancouver, WA
(360) 696-9890

GRO Outdoor Living
3601 NE 74th St
Vancouver, WA
(360) 727-5975